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General info on Florianopolis


Florianopolis: The magical island


The island of Florianopolis has a lengthy shape, is about 70 kilometers long and about 18 kilometers wide. It is located parallel to the continent and is separated by a 500 meter broad channel. Floripa - as the locals name the island - is the capital of Santa Catarina, the second most Southern state in Brazil. The island city is characterized by its high living quality and is rated as the capital with the most HDI (Index for human development).The city spreads over the mainland, as well as over the offshore island, the Ilha de Santa Catarina, over a total area of 436 km². The part of the city on the mainland has a size of 12km². The island is 424km² big and is inhabited by 420.000 people. The both parts of the city are connected by two bridges, from which one is the 819m long bridge Ponte Hercilio Luz - the longest pending bridge of Brazil and the symbol of Florianopolis.

Surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, the island attracts visitors with over 100 white, sandy beaches and provides a great variety of leisure offers and activities: Water and extreme sports, eco tourism, history and culture tourism - the choice is up to you! Several options for excursions and daytrips and a range of longer trips and accommodation offers, as well at the island Florianopolis as in the whole state of Santa Catarina, guarantee a diversified holiday.

The island surprises with interesting contrasts: modern shopping malls and the highlighted skyline of the metropolis region in combination with rural communities and fishermen villages due to Azorean architecture, located at the beach. Florianopolis has developed into one of the most liked holiday destinations for Brazilians and is the hotspot for many young people from the surrounding countries. The island is popular for the best parties and a vivid nightlife. You can dance in the beach clubs until the sun rises and relax at the beach at day.

Excellent surf conditions make surfers hearts leap for joy on their search for the perfect wave. On windy days also kitesurfers and windsurfers enjoy the waves. The surf paradise Florianopolis is an insider´s tip for all passionate surfers. Floripa is a paradise for all water sports: diving, snorkeling, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, wild water kayaking, rafting, and boat trips - you will find everything you search for. The water conditions are also ideal for the oyster production. Therefore, gourmets are also at the right place. Santa Catarina has the second greatest production of oysters, scallops and mussels in South America. Especially the oyster production has developed in the last few years. Florianopolis has become an important center for oyster cultivation in Brazil. 90 percent of the Brazilian oysters are cultivated here. Oyster farms can be visited in the Azorean villages Ribeirao da Ilha and Santo Antonio de Lisboa. Afterwards, you can enjoy the sea food in one of the specialized restaurants with sea view.

Florianopolis also offers everything for nature lovers: Ornithologists can carry out their favorite hobby and watch the almost 300 different bird species. During the observation of birds you can see toucans and many extraordinary bird species, which can only be found in this region. Hikers will be surprised by rock formations that likely served the ancient inhabitants as observatory and cult site. Also the rock paintings along the whole coast are favored by researchers all over the world and other visitors. White, sandy beaches, dune landscape, small offshore islands and the green mountain chains in the background create an overwhelming picture. Nature lovers will feel like in paradise.

Those, who traveled this extraordinary place once, will fall in love and always come back.


Geomorphologic aspects


Florianopolis provides a variety of beaches, cliffs, reef, mangroves and dunes. Floripa consists geologically of two basic structures: the crystalline regions and the youngest formation of the sediment areas . The crystalline regions are the highest regions of the island and reach up to 400 to 540 meters high. The sediment areas are the lower areas, where you can find dunes and mangroves.