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Michael Krämer


After a few moves in Germany and after more travels to the Americas, Asia and Africa, as a 24-year-old, at least one thing was clear for me: I want also to live outside of Germany. No sooner said than done. About stopovers in Nice, Geneva and The Hague, it made me finally end up in Sao Paulo. Why Sao Paulo? The love... In Nice, I met my wife Ana. As she lived in Sao Paulo at that time, we then had to decide whether she would either come to Europe or I to Brazil. Although I didn´t like Sao Paulo at all, I finally flew to Brazil in April 2006 with a one-way-ticket.

However, it was very clear to me that we had to get out of Sao Paulo as quickly as possible. The town is good for working, but there is no quality of life - at least not for me. So we have traveled through this gorgeous, beautiful and vast country, in order to look for our new home. In 2008, we then found the perfect place: Florianopolis. The city lies mostly on an island in southern Brazil, and is capital of the state of Santa Catarina. In a few minutes we were walking on dream beaches of the island. In a few minutes by car we are in the lush green Atlantic rainforest. And in about two and a half hours we are in almost pristine landscape of the Serra Canyon Catarinense. Of course we do not want to leave.

I met Nicki, the founder of Aventura do Brasil, in 2007. From the beginning on it was clear to us that we wanted to work together, and we have done so since then hand in hand. Unfortunately, Nicki died much too early. Even Nicki's dream of Aventura do Brasil continues: We want to present our little paradise and this great and diverse country with full enthusiasm to you. We are looking forward to seeing you...