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Brazil Santa Catarina Florianopolis: Daytrip “Highlights Florianopolis” (6h, private) During the day trip "Highlights Florianopolis" you will get to know the most beautiful attractions of Florianopolis within a few hours. The day trip "Highlights Florianopolis" takes you to the center of the city, on the famous viewpoint Morro da Cruz, to the two districts Lagoa da Conceicao and...
Reise Nr.: 47590 Info and Booking

Brazil Santa Catarina Florianopolis: Nightlife Guide Just recently The New York Times voted Florianopolis the "party destination of the year". And they are right. Florianopolis simply has what it takes to deserve that title: top venues, the freshest beats, the charme of an Atlantic island and amazingly beautiful people. To make sure that you get to...
Reise Nr.: 24584 Info and Booking

Brazil Santa Catarina Florianopolis: Daytrip “Paragliding” (1h, private) During the day trip "Paragliding" you will get to know Florianopolis, the Isla da Magia, from a new and impressive perspective. An experienced Brazilian pilot and special materials guarantee a safe and unforgettable paragliding flight over Florianopolis.
Reise Nr.: 47629 Info and Booking

Brazil Bahia Imbassai: Daytrip "Kayak tour" (3-4h, private) The privately guided kayak tour starts in Imbassai with a ride in a private vehicle to Diego, where you will visit the impressive sand dunes. In Diego begins our real adventure, a kayak tour for several hours through a nature reserve, back to Imbassai.
Reise Nr.: 48784 Info and Booking

During the private tour "Walking Tour Paraty" you will stroll through the picturesque colonial city of Paraty and discover all the major sights of one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil, which was an important trading city from the 17th until the 19th century.
Reise Nr.: 48737 Info and Booking

This 4-hour, privately guided day tour "Natal City Tour" takes you through the center of Natal and to all major monuments and attractions of this beautiful city.
Reise Nr.: 48752 Info and Booking

During this half-day private "Fortaleza City Tour" you will learn all about the historical and the modern Fortaleza and discover the most important monuments of the city within a short time.
Reise Nr.: 48748 Info and Booking

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